"Audiences will be inspired by this accomplished, intelligent and powerful role model for women in the world."

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About Dr. Cheryl - The Passion Coach

Sharp, frank, and fearless - that's psychologist Dr. Cheryl Fraser. With a rare combination of academic credibility, humour, straight-talk and effective interventions, Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after expert and esteemed seminar leader.

Sharp, frank, and fearless - that's clinical psychologist Dr. Cheryl Fraser. Whether on television (W Networks Personal Development expert, Love coach on the Shopping Bags, Money coach on CBC Marketplace) radio (The Love Buzz, The Dr. Cheryl Fraser show, Air America, CBC) or in print (Glow Magazine, Parents Canada, LavaLife and her forthcoming book Become Passion: Kill the Soulmate and Save your Relationship), Dr. Cheryl is known for her rare combination of academic credibility, humour, straight-talk and effective interventions.

Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after seminar leader and media expert. She teaches the Awakened Lover weekend, her intensive three-day relationship bootcamp, as well as other motivational and relationship seminars across North America. A Fulbright Scholar who completed her post-doctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Cheryl cuts through problems and challenges people to create the passionate change they crave.

Her diverse life experience includes time spent as an actor and comedian with Vancouver's leading comedy and improv troupes, and she is a dedicated student of Buddhist meditation. And Dr. Cheryl likes to remind folks that although she is a trained "relationship expert," she is also just another hopeless romantic. Her seminars are designed to show individuals and couples how to cultivate deep, quality Passion that can last a lifetime.

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About Compassionate Ventures Inc.

We formed Compassionate Ventures to make a difference. We believe that to change the world, first we must change ourselves. In order for there to be peace on the planet, there needs to be peace in our homes. Over her years of working with couples and singles, Dr. Cheryl repeatedly observed that when each of us learns to create passionate, respectful, playful love relationships something profound happens; we begin to interact with the world in a passionate, respectful, loving and playful way. Therefore, our company vision is...to Awaken humanity, one Lover at a time.

Compassionate Ventures aspires to create this change in people, and thus the world, by awakening people's potential for generosity and comPASSION. Vehicles used to impart this message include our interactive courses, camps and seminars, television, radio and book offerings, and education through the print media.

A few words about generosity...
Dana is the Sanskrit word for generosity. Dana refers to generosity in a broad, dynamic and interconnected sense. Practicing Dana cultivates our ability to care about others, and it loosens our attachment to "it's all about me". This is critical if we aspire to live and love comPASSIONately. Each of us benefits when we cultivate the dual skills of giving and receiving. Compassionate Ventures is committed to this practice of generosity. As part of this practice, we donate a minimum of 15% of company profits to causes that we feel illuminate the concept of Dana.In the last year, Compassionate Ventures helped raise thousands of dollars for the Times Colonist Fund, the Raise a Reader program, and Loaves and Fishes food bank.

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