"I've learned to become not just a better Lover, but a better human being!"

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Who Attends Compassionate Ventures' Programs?

Want to create an exceptional Lover life? You can! The Courses and programs we offer are geared for adults who want to cultivate deep, passionate, meaningful relationships that last, in the bedroom and in the world. Who should attend?

  • Singles who wish to cultivate an amazing Love Relationship... Would you like to gain the abilities and confidence to be an exceptional lover, and to create a deep and sensual partnership with your future mate? Learn tools derived from couples research and practice applying them in a safe, fun, and interactive setting
  • Couples who are happy... You may not be sure exactly what is working, and how to ensure that your love lasts forever. Learn what successful couples do to maintain and re-vitalize their relationships. Practice and apply these skills to help you cultivate emotional and sexual ecstasy that lasts.
  • Couples who are distressed... Radically change your Lover Life! You will explore some of the causes of and solutions to your distress, and practice and cultivate the keys to great passion and connection.
  • Couples who may be on the verge of splitting up... You will be introduced to the knowledge you need. What does the research indicate about what predicts divorce, and what predicts recovery from marital distress? Learn what it will take to help you choose to stay in a relationship improved from the one you walked in with, or to go, and leave with the skills and knowledge to help you ensure that your next relationship is what you really want.
  • Newlyweds who want to have a passionate playful future... Wouldn't it be great to learn what predicts successful and happy marriage, and gain the skills required to launch your marriage and to keep the honeymoon going, and going?
  • Divorcees who want to clear the past... You'll learn techniques to help you let go of the past and prepare to create a new, sensual and emotional relationship that can last.

All of our programs apply equally well to opposite sex and same sex relationships. Come join us!


If time is precious, why should you spend yours participating in one of our programs?

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Dr. Cheryl offers ideas and techniques based on proven clinical experience and relationship and sexuality research in a highly entertaining environment that can lead to powerful results. You can walk out of our programs with a clear understanding of what specific strengths you have (and should keep nurturing!) AND what specific danger zones you or your relationship are in...and how to fix 'em

In her programs, Dr. Cheryl shows individuals and couples how it is possible to create fantastic relationships full of passionate, deep, long-lasting love. Dr. Cheryl doesn't just tell you how - she facilitates your practice of key skills and empowers you to leave the event with tangible techniques to apply at home, in the workplace and in all aspects of life!

A Sample of What You Will Learn
  • The three keys to Passion, and why you need to be strong in all three for deep, passionate, intimate love that lasts.
  • Why long-term love is so hard...and how to cultivate playful ease.
  • What makes a great couple GREAT (only 1/8 of marriages are!) AND the key steps to ensure your love affair is one of them.
  • About the killer behaviors that predict divorce with 80% accuracy and how to fix them, right now!
  • To prevail over doubt and gain confidence that you can create a fantastic relationship.
What participants say about the Awakened Lover Weekend

Participants average rating for the Awakened Lover Weekend is 4.6 out of 5

"Cutting edge research sculpted into an experiential delight"

"I now carry within me more sexual self confidence"

"This weekend has been the best thing we have done for our relationship"

"We learned a powerful tool for forgiveness and reinforced the strengths in our marriage, in a lively, down to earth, compassionate and entertaining weekend"

"Anyone with a beating heart should run for the Awakened Lover Weekend - because of it my partner and I made love for the first time in over a year"

"The content and delivery is so expertly put together that even the spouse whose passion has faded can ignite again"

"I experienced deeper levels of commitment and love"

"A template to navigate through relationship roadblocks"

"A great exploration of the psychology, spirituality and physicality of the sensual"

"The benefits of the Awakened Lover Weekend included learning how to truly open up and receive intimacy, and how to communicate"

"I've learned to become not just a better Lover, but a better human being!"

"I was basically forced into attending by my wife - and I'm glad I was. I got a lot out of the weekend and it will have a positive impact on my marriage"

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