"Dr. Cheryl can get you to the 'aha' moment faster that you've ever thought possible. She digs in and gets right to the core."

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Become Passion 
Two hour introductory seminar

Join Passion Coach and award winning Psychologist and Sex Therapist Dr. Cheryl Fraser for a fantastic two hour investment in your Lover Life. In her hilarious, entertaining and highly interactive style, Dr. Cheryl will show you that it IS possible for anyone to "Become Passion". It is not an accident, it is a skill, and one that can become the most juicy, delightful and profound "hobby" you will ever cultivate. In this fast-paced evening, you will be introduced to the three keys to cultivating passion that lasts a lifetime, and to some of the relationship and sensual skills and techniques that are taught in our Awakened Lover weekend Intensive.

The Awakened Lover Weekend Intensive 
Friday evening, All Day Saturday & Sunday

Learn how Passion and Play CAN last a lifetime!

We all long for an exceptional, passionate, trusting, playful and long-lasting relationship...but only 1 out of 8 marriages is a success. The rest fail completely, or continue with unsatisfied and unhappy results. Until now...

What is an Awakened Lover? An Awakened Lover is a person who can uncover, embrace and express deep levels of connected intimacy, sizzling sensuality, and thrilled delight in their relationships. In our modern world, Awakened Lovers seem to be very rare. Many people claim to lack the knowledge or skills to create what they want in a relationship. But those rare people who do learn these skills are Awakened Lovers, and they are Love and Passion in action.

Our signature program, The Awakened Lover weekend is designed to introduce the tools and techniques that predict successful relationships and a joyful sexual life. Drawing from years of clinical experience and research findings on the reasons for passionate, deep relationships and the causes of divorce, Dr. Cheryl has designed this breakthrough weekend intensive.


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